Upcoming Events


MARCH 30TH 2019 – 6pm

Join Jen Carpenter and Kendall Wood around the fire at North Cove Beach in Mission Bay for an inclusive and transformative evening of council, storytelling, healing, movement, and (plant-based) marshmallows.

This event is open to the public. Suggested donation between $5-10. Bringing extra firewood is always appreciated!

We wanted to create a container that welcomes not only women/men. We share one world — while single-gender circles have a lot to offer, they don’t include non-binary, trans, genderqueer folks or anyone who isn’t seeking a segregated space. We have experienced so much healing in women’s circles, but felt called to offer an opportunity for gathering to heal and be whole Together.

The intention of this circle is to see, hear, and bear witness to Everyone, and to speak from the heart and be seen and heard. More on the specific theme of this circle to come!

We’ll have blankets, but feel free to bring your own/camp chairs/warm layers.

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