One Month on the Road – An Adventure through the Southwest.

In 4th grade, my family road tripped around the West Coast. On that trip, stopped in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Idaho. That trip was pivotal in my up-bringing and instilled in me a great love of driving around open spaces and exploring the world’s natural wonders. I’ve dreamed of creating my own … Continue reading One Month on the Road – An Adventure through the Southwest.


Warrior Shiva Yoga – A New Studio in San Diego

A few weeks ago I caught word that a new yoga studio had opened up in the Mission Valley/Mission Bay area. That studio is Warrior Shiva Yoga. It opened up about 3 weeks ago and is owned by Tiffany Boyd. I caught up with Tiffany this week and she shared her story with me; from … Continue reading Warrior Shiva Yoga – A New Studio in San Diego

Lena Schmidt – Yoga Retreats

Lena has hosted yoga retreats locally and internationally for the last 5 years. I got on a phone call with her to pick her brain about how she started to teach and what inspired her to host retreats.

Richelle Morgan – A Tulum Yoga Story

  I met Richelle Morgan through an online group that connects yoga teachers. When we first spoke I had just written an article about Yoga Retreats led by San Diego teachers. We got to talking about the article and I found out that Richelle owns a yoga studio and yoga retreat center in Tulum, Mexico. … Continue reading Richelle Morgan – A Tulum Yoga Story

Teaching Yoga To Kids

This summer, I’ve spent three afternoons each week guiding kids ranging from age 4-14 through yoga class. The class was part of a kid’s summer camp at a local rock climbing gym, Mesa Rim. Teaching yoga to kids has taught me to look at yoga differently so I want to share my experience with you … Continue reading Teaching Yoga To Kids

Your Guide to Yoga Retreats

Find the yoga retreat that is right for you!

(Wo)manspreading in the Yoga Studio

Most of you reading this probably have heard of “manspreading”, a term first coined by women riding the subway in NYC. If you haven’t heard manspreading CLICK THIS LINK for a short description. The idea for this article hit me like a train a couple days ago when I was in class - “MANSPREADING” EXISTS IN … Continue reading (Wo)manspreading in the Yoga Studio