Kendall Wood grew up in Redmond, WA. She attended Washington State University where she graduated with a B.A. in Communications. Since college, she has found her passion in helping others.

As an individual who has experienced anxiety, depression and was diagnosed with ADD at a young age, she grew up constantly in search of a way to calm her spirit and focus her mind. After experiences with unfavorable side effects of a variety of medications when she was young she decided to try a more holistic approach.

After college, she found that she was able to keep her anxiety at bay and maintain her focus when she was regularly practicing yoga. With the help of yoga, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, the feelings of anxiety became less and less frequent. This discovery changed her life and she now hopes to share her love of yoga with others. Kendall hopes to help her students let go of stress, anxiety and tension (physical & emotional) as they work toward a happier/healthier lifestyle.

Kendall completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program with Core Power Yoga in San Diego, CA in 2016. Since then she has logged over 1000 teaching hours. She teaches a variety of class styles: Hot, Restorative, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin. She also is experienced with Yoga for Kids and Chair Yoga. She has a Yin Yoga Certification from Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga and has also attended workshops for Trauma-Informed Yoga, Mindful Adjustments, and Sequencing. In 2019, she will begin a 500hr training with The Soul of Yoga to further her knowledge. She is constantly reading and attending workshops and loves to learn. Kendall sees yoga as a lifelong adventure where seeking knowledge is key!

Kendall believes that the true value of yoga lies in its ability to put the mind at ease. Yoga is so much more than a workout! Her classes aim to help students let go of the past and use their experiences on their mats to better their lives outside of the yoga studio.

She teaches in the San Diego area and is available for private/group lessons. Please use the contact page if you would like more information on classes, retreats and events!

Kendall is also an advocate for Doterra Essential Oils. She loves to use them to create her own beauty products, natural cleaners and even yoga mat sprays! Check out her DoTerra site HERE.

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