Arêt Basewear – Intimates for the Outdoors

I stumbled upon Arêt Basewear by accident.

I teach yoga at Pilgrimage of the Heart and was browsing through their clothing racks after a shift one day. I tried a few things on and fell in love with this sports bra. It was super comfy, fit great and, not to mention, it looked good too!

Flash-forward about a month later, I was at work at Mesa Rim when one of my coworkers came up to me and complimented my sports bra. I graciously thanked her and started to ramble on about how great it was and how I hadn’t seen this brand anywhere else but that I loved it!

She caught me off guard when she told me she was one of the brand’s founders!

I immediately wanted to learn more about the company and share their product with others!


A few weeks later, I sat down with the three women that started Arêt Basewear and the following is their story.

Lauren Breitenbach, Olivia Martens, and Bridget Kilgallon are the ladies behind Arêt Basewear – a company that makes comfortable, flattering and versatile intimates for the outdoors.

“We’ve created a technical piece of gear, designed for strong and dynamic women,” said Olivia.

In 2016, Bridget and Olivia met through rock climbing. They got to talking and realized that many women are unable to find sports bras that are comfortable and fit their body types. Soon after, they picked the name Arêt Basewear and started prototyping!

Olivia had a sewing machine so they started to gather friends of all different shapes and sizes to take measurements. The ladies even tested their product on 40 women from across the country and asked them to wear it in oceans, lakes, while camping or working out and to report back on their experience. Over time, and with lots of feedback, the design was refined to its current shape.

“We distilled it down to our final shape – the TOURA — TOURA is named for “contour” because it totally adheres to a woman’s body. It will never restrict you.”

I asked them about how they chose the material for their sports bras.

“Finding materials was hell on earth,” said Olivia.

“The first fabrics felt like curtains and didn’t stretch the way we wanted,” said Bridget.

Eventually, they went to the fashion district in LA and were able to pick some good fabrics! They found earthy tones that were beautiful, but not flashy. They wanted colors that reflected the outdoors.

The next challenge was to find a production company that would make the product the way they envisioned.

A lot of manufacturers were hesitant to veer away from the typical sports bra design and shape. They wanted to add in things like cup liners, seams, and supportive bands around the chest and this wasn’t going to cut it. After a long, hard search, the ladies found what they were looking for!

The tops are sweat-wicking, salt & chlorine friendly and can double as swimsuits!

Something that makes Arêt Basewear’s Toura top really special is that it comes in two styles; low cut and high cut. The low cut is most flattering on A-C cups, while the high cut is ideal for C-DD cups with more coverages on top and along the sides. Both of these styles come in extra small to large sizes, so there is something for everyone!

“[The fabric] sits flat on the body and will never cut into your skin. It provides the perfect amount of compression. Seamless. No cups. The lay flat straps won’t dig into your shoulders when wearing backpacks or crashpad,” said Olivia.

What’s next for Arêt Basewear?

The ladies have been working towards getting Arêt Basewear into stores around the US! The company also supports women in the outdoors through women’s educational clinics and climbing festivals (like Flash Foxy and the Hueco Rock Rodeo).

“We have experienced first hand when these women leave the clinics more confident in their abilities which translates to them feeling more confident outdoors,” said Lauren.

The company also has an ambassador program.

“The ambassador program has allowed us to not only voice our message of being inclusive of all women and getting them outdoors, but it has also helped us form intimate connections with women through social media platforms.”

“We have formed a little Arêt family that everyone is invited to!”

“It’s been cool to see that part of our business grow and build friendships and connections through the company.“

Eventually, The TOURA will have matching shorts to make it a complete set.

“We want something that’s not a booty short that would stay put during high steps of climbing and won’t ride up through your harness. It will scoop under the lower abdomen and have no restriction on the thighs.”

The girls are currently sizing and gathering feedback on this product so keep an eye out! They’re sizing model is not linear. It will be unique to different body types yet also stay true to size.


A higher neckline sports bra is also in the works. It will be called the FURA, short for Futuristic, and it will be geared towards use in the ocean and for surfers!

In the coming years, Arêt plans to “redefine fit” with their commitment to move away from traditional sizing charts.

“We want to reject the idea of seasonal clothing”

Seasonal wear creates a lot of excess waste. Arêt will continue to make pieces that are long-lasting and durable, in colors that won’t go out of style or season.

The founders of Arêt believe that women should look unique and be themselves.

“Functionality, form, timelessness… The wearer is the art and the basewear is the frame”

“The basewear shouldn’t overshadow – whatever is unique about the individual shines through”

A huge thank you to Oliva Martens, Bridget Kilgallon and Lauren Breitenbach for their dedication to women in the outdoors!

Find them TONIGHT (Monday, May 14th) at Mesa Rim Mira Mesa from 6-9pm where you can try on (and of course purchase!) their tops in person! EVENT LINK HERE.

Read more about each of these ladies HERE.

And then shop their product HERE!

Have you tried Arêt Basewear? Let us know in the comments below!

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