Las Vegas & Valley of Fire State Park.

After roughing it in Red Rock Canyon for a few days we made our way into Las Vegas. Here, we treated ourselves to a comfy bed and some nightlife. We stayed at my favorite Vegas hotel – The Hooters Hotel & Casino. You might be wondering if I’m joking… I’m not! They are located right on the strip across the street from the MGM Grand. The rooms are ultra-affordable, typically under $100/night even after the resort fee. And last but not least, they have blackjack tables with $3 minimums. For a woman on a budget, like myself, this is ideal! When I gamble I don’t care if I win big, I just want to kill some time and have fun!

At the hotel, I decided I would wash our laundry in the bathtub (I really wish I had photos of this!). It was quite the experience. I had fun with it though and was pretty proud of myself for saving us the time and money it would’ve taken to go through a laundry service or sit at the laundry mat for a couple hours. Not gonna lie it was a little messy, but it worked! We hung clothes up all around the hotel room to dry and then set out in search of good sushi and adventures.

I even put on nice clothes and some make-up (for one of the only times during the whole road trip) but let’s be honest, I was still wearing my Chacos!

We then went out to an amazing sushi dinner at Sushi Roku. We sat at the sushi counter and the chef made use some chef’s choice rolls that were to die for. The cocktails were delicious too!

After dinner, we went to The Beatles LOVE show by Cirque du Soleil. It was my first time going to a circus and I was really impressed with the show. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. If you haven’t been to Cirque du Soleil put it on your bucket list now!

After the show, we went over to Old Vegas. It was Malcolm’s first Vegas adventure and I wanted to show him Fremont Street. We did the zip line down the strip – an 11-story high zip line that soars down 5 blocks of Fremont Street. Such a fun way to close out our night!

The next morning we were back on the road. 



Northeast of Las Vegas by about 45 minutes is Valley of Fire State Park. This is a small park but a beautiful one. It is known for its 40,000 acres of beautiful red sandstone formations, petrified wood and petroglyphs!


As we drove through the park there was a van stalled in the middle of the road. We stopped to ask them if they needed help, it turned out they didn’t, but as we did this we noticed desert bighorn sheep grazing along the hills. They are awesome little animals and we spent a while watching them. Malcolm had his binoculars too so we got a close up look!


We then stopped at Rainbow Vista Trail and took a little hike through the desert. Rainbow Vista trail is a 1-mile long trail but there is ample opportunity for getting off the trail and exploring over rock formations in the desert. The Valley of Fire park map even shows it as a rock scrambling area.

We opted to go trail-less and scrambled around for a couple hours. Malcolm impressed me with his mountain goat skills.



It was right at sunset and the views were incredible and we built some cairns to add to a collection of them on a hillside.


When the sun started to set we walked back to the parking lot and began to drive towards Zion. We stopped at the smokiest dive bar I’ve ever been to for a beer and a round of pool and then made it to La Verkin, UT to sleep.

Have you been to Valley of Fire State Park? Leave a comment below with your favorite memory!

Stay tuned for next week’s post – Zion National Park and Northern Arizona.

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