Ayurvedic Retreats with Margot Salido

Ayurveda was developed in India thousands of years ago. Ayurveda’s systems take into consideration a person’s mind, body and lifestyle to help the individual live a healthy, balanced life. Ayurveda is not just a diet or wellness program, it is a way of being. The Ayurvedic lifestyle aims to treat disease and enhance the bodies resilience.

Margot Salido, a yoga teacher based in Tijuana, hosts Ayurvedic retreats and has created a few Ayurvedic products to share her love of this ancient practice. 

**All words in italics are quotes from Margot**


I asked Margot how she became interested in Ayurveda.

“I think I’ve always been looking for Ayurveda”

Margot went through a period of time where she was trying to work towards health but it became an unhealthy routine of over-exercising, restricting her diet and counting calories.

She thought what she was doing was leading her towards health but her body had a breakdown.

After a childhood of traveling with a professional dance group and then later teaching dance Margot got to a point where everything hurt. At this time, she was told to try Pilates and, through that, was referred to yoga. The results of a regular yoga practice amazed her.

“I was shocked that all this tension started to dissipate. It felt like honey to all my joints.”

Through yoga, Margot was able to find comfort in her body and learned how to breathe more deeply and with intention.

In 2013, Margot completed her yoga teacher training at Bird Rock Yoga in San Diego, CA. During her training program, she was introduced to Ayurveda by Laura Plumb, Ayurveda shifted her relationship with food and her body.

“Ayurveda looks at food with love, as a gift. As a way to nourish… I felt like I had found my soul mate” 

After teacher training, Margot continued to seek out more information about Ayurveda and had a strong desire to share this practice with others. She traveled to India and did a deep detox called “panchakarma” and came back rejuvenated.

“I realized that if you want to detoxify, first look at the nervous system. You need to slow down – instead of hard workouts that challenge or push. At this point, I started to make a radical life change.”

One of Margot’s favorite Ayurvedic rituals is abyangha – self-massage with warm oil.

She uses warm sesame oil, twice a day, and massages her entire body from head to toe. The sesame oil’s trace minerals enter through the skin and make their way straight into the bloodstream to nourish the body.

Margot has teamed up with Abby Jones, another teacher who’s work Margot admires, to host these retreats.

“My heart is in Ayurveda. Through retreats, classes and workshops; my mission is to spread the light and wisdom of this ancient science”

The retreats are affordable yet still exotic and calming.

Margot’s Ayurvedic retreats aim to show attendees how to have a friendship with their body. The intention is to enrich the self and invest in creativity and curiosity.

The most recent retreat took place April 13th – 16th in the Sonoran Desert in Mexico. During the 4-day retreat, attendees took part in Ayurvedic practices like dry brushing, oil pulling, abhyanga and ate an Ayurvedic diet filled with spices like cardamom, ginger, cumin and turmeric. The price of the retreat was only $800 including meals, classes, a walking excursion, live music and workshops!

This retreat was themed around alignment – aligning your life with your values. Attendees wrote personal constitutions to put into words what they stand for, what gives them strength and how they want to live from a place of alignment with those things.

There was live music, bonfires, walking meditations and activated charcoal face masks!

“In this life you can constantly remind yourself that you want to have gratitude, generosity and joy.”

Margot’s next retreat will take place in October. It’s definitely an experience you won’t want to miss!

In the meantime, find Margot on INSTAGRAM. There, you can contact her about her Ayurvedic products. She makes homemade ghee, a clarified butter used in Ayurvedic cuisine said to enhance proper digestion. She buys her butter directly from the farmers and makes the ghee during the full moon. She also sells sesame oil that can be used for oil pulling and massage! Her products are available at Reveal Yoga Studio in Chula Vista or you can contact her through social media to purchase. Her website is in the works and will be up and running soon!

Any questions or comments? Leave them below and tell us your favorite self-care practice!

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