One Month on the Road – An Adventure through the Southwest.

In 4th grade, my family road tripped around the West Coast. On that trip, stopped in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Idaho. That trip was pivotal in my up-bringing and instilled in me a great love of driving around open spaces and exploring the world’s natural wonders.

I’ve dreamed of creating my own version of this trip.

When my boyfriend, Malcolm, told me he had the whole month of February off work with no plans I asked him if he’d want to do a rock climbing road trip. He is a firefighter and works seasonally (typically March-November) and I am a yoga teacher who works as a private contractor and builds my own schedule so we were lucky to have a lot of freedom as far as time. I knew I may not always have this type of freedom so when he was into the idea I immediately found coverage for my classes and decided to take the whole month off of work too.

We started plotting our course with El Potrero Chico – a sport-climbing destination in Mexico – as our climax.

We knew we wanted to get to EPC by a certain time but we didn’t make advance reservations and allowed each day to unfold organically as we drove. We camped out of Malcolm’s Toyota Tacoma and occasionally treated ourselves to hotels, Air BnBs and friends houses when we needed to shower.

The trip was a perfect blend of dirtbag life and tourism.

We woke up every day to beautiful views and got in touch with the world around us. We met rad people and caught up with old friends. We faced fears, laughed, (I) cried and we built some unforgettable memories.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll post blogs that cover each of the places we visited by area; Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and last but not least, Mexico. I am excited to share a little slice of this journey with you all and look forward to hearing your feedback.

I’d love to hear your stories from these places and if you take any of my advice in the future and end up making some of the same stops we did, I’d love to see pictures and hear about your experience!

Stay tuned!


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