Warrior Shiva Yoga – A New Studio in San Diego

A few weeks ago I caught word that a new yoga studio had opened up in the Mission Valley/Mission Bay area. That studio is Warrior Shiva Yoga. It opened up about 3 weeks ago and is owned by Tiffany Boyd. I caught up with Tiffany this week and she shared her story with me; from how she found yoga to how she became a studio owner.

**All quotes are Tiffany’s words**


Tiffany was born in Arizona but spent most of her childhood and young adult years in the Point Loma area where her family lived on a boat. She grew up living a very active lifestyle, swimming, dancing and doing gymnastics. Back then she had the notion that yoga was just stretching and with her more hardcore competitive background she thought it wouldn’t be enough for her.

Flash-forward and Tiffany found out she had a hormone disorder that western medicine couldn’t figure out. After searching for answers she came up short. No one seemed to know how to help her curb her symptoms. It was 2009 and her sister invited her to a yoga class in hopes that it would calm her health issues. To her surprise, it actually worked. Tiffany’s health improved during periods of time where she practiced regularly and then it would decline if her practice slowed.

“At that point, yoga became every day all the time.”


“I was practicing so regularly everyone in my life started to tell me I should look into being a yoga teacher.”

At this time, Tiffany owned Cowles Mountain Coffee and was looking to shift out of the restaurant business. This was about two years ago and she decided to start to look into teacher training.

In August of 2017, she completed her teacher training at Hapa Yoga in San Diego. During this process, Tiffany also started to explore Reiki’s healing energy and was inspired by time spent with Alisha Frank.

“I kept doing reiki along with health and career counseling… that’s where I started to have very clear visions and signs that it was time. It hit me hard that it was just time to step in, to start put together a business plan”

Tiffany sold her coffee show knowing that it would help fund her studio opening but little did she know how quickly the whole process would happen.


I asked her what it was like to search for a studio location.

“I just wanted to go see what was out there, I was nervous… But this location was the first one I came to see.”

It was love at first sight. The second she walked into the space she saw her future studio.

The process started to move quickly and she had only a month to get everything together; licensing, hiring teachers, remodeling the space. She was on the move!


I asked her about choosing a name for the space.

“I had an intense childhood so ‘warrior’ was perfect. It speaks to a deeper part of who I am and what I am bringing to San Diego.”

As far as finding teachers, the right people appeared at the right time. She discovered many surprising connections to the teachers in her life outside of yoga and feels that she has the “perfect core team” right now.


Warrior Shiva Yoga is unique because they offer infrared heating. Tiffany was amazed by the healing power of infrared rays when they helped her recover from a wrist injury. Infrared had also helped some of her family members manage chronic pain. In a yoga class, the rays not only heat your body and the room but they aid in reducing inflammation and promote healing from within. Another amazing benefit of the infrared rays is that they are sanitizing and help to keep the studio clean!



This weekend on Sunday, March 25th at 3pm she will host a free outdoor yoga pop-up in Mission Bay as a thank you to the community. She will be teaching her Shiva Flow sequence an all-levels Vinyasa style class. CLICK HERE for more information about the event and directions to the location within Mission Bay.

Warrior Shiva Yoga also offers Zodiac Yoga every 1st Saturday of the month. Yoga teacher, Kelli Corder, hosts this class and takes time discussing the current star sign and guides students though a zodiac inspired flow.

Also, keep an eye out for a pop up boot camp class in April!


Tiffany continues to cultivate a community.

“I want people to feel like this is home to them, they can connect with the teachers and their day feels complete when they see their friends at the studio.”


Tiffany is currently offering a first class for free and/or 2-weeks for $25 for new students so go check it out and leave a comment below about your experience! You can also find Warrior Shiva Yoga on social media: @WarriorShivaYoga!

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