Holiday Stress Relief



After a stressful Thanksgiving where I sunk into a week-long depression as I grew homesick for friends and family back in Seattle I had to snap myself out of it.

Why did I let it get to me like that?!

There is nothing wrong with missing the people you love. But, there’s got to be a better way.

Do the Holidays need to be stressful?

Here is what has worked for me over the last few weeks.




I have found this to be true in many areas of my life, especially holidays.

Let go of what others expect you to do. Let go of what others think you should do/say/wear/etc…

You don’t want to buy presents for acquaintances you barely know? Don’t!

You don’t want to buy a new dress for a dinner party? Where whatever the hell you want.

You don’t want to bake cookies for hours? Skip it this year!

You don’t have the time to put up all the lights and décor? Let it go.

You get the picture…




Maybe money is tight. That’s OKAY!

The Beatles got it right when they said “Money can’t buy you love”. As far as I’m concerned, love truly is the best gift you can give.

I know that my favorite thing to do with my friends and family is to spend time with them. Even if they never bought me a gift or gave me some type of monetary reward, I would still want to spend time with them.

Shouldn’t that be obvious?

Buy a few gifts if you are able to/want to. But then write letters. Call people on the phone if you aren’t able to be with them in person.

Let the people you love know that you love them.

You’ll see the smiles on their faces and hear the warmth in their voices. You’ll soon see that those feelings are more satisfying than any gift.




For me, I have focused my energy on all of the great things I have here in San Diego. Even though I couldn’t be with my family on Thanksgiving I was able to spend that time with some wonderful people here in SD.

For you, it will be a little different. But the basic goal is to focus on what you are grateful for rather than what you wish you had or where you wish you could be.

What you have is enough. Who you are is enough. Where you are is where you need to be.

Be grateful and send thanks this holiday season.

I hope this is able to help you in some way!

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