Kindness Starts Here

Kindness Starts Here.

I recently moved into a new apartment and quickly discovered that I now share a wall with a very challenging neighbor. She lives below me. For the first month, she came upstairs every couple days to knock on our door and complain about the noise.

Let’s make it clear that we never had a single friend over and didn’t play music loud during this entire time. We were just walking around doing normal activities like cooking, using the bathroom and cleaning the house. There wasn’t much we could do to please her because the noise that was upsetting her was just the sound of us living our lives.

Now the story goes on and there were many encounters with this woman and her husband that made it difficult to enjoy our new apartment. But regardless, I challenged myself to face them with kindness. I baked cookies for her, left her a note, and always heard her out when she came up to complain. It was a bit exhausting but my efforts soon began to pay off.

One night she called to thank me for my card and suggested that we go out for a drink to get to know each other better. Then, a few days later, she gave me a hug and thanked me for my efforts to make nice.

The cycle was complete! Although it took over a month, the kindness I had put out was slowly but surely coming back to me.

Everyone has heard of the saying “kill them with kindness”. I’m not sure if “kill” is the best word here, but the saying rings true. There are hundreds of ways to say it…

“What comes around goes around”

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

“Lead by example”

It’s all TRUE!

Kindness starts here.

It starts with you and it starts with me. All of us hold so much power – we just need to be patient as we await the results. Love will not happen overnight. World peace will not be achieved with one gesture of kindness. Each and every little smile and helping hand will slowly shape the world. It starts with each individual and then spirals outward. Have you heard of the 6 degrees of separation? [if you haven’t click here!] With that in mind, it won’t take long for your kindness to spread.

It can be difficult to stay above the hate and drama and anger but the hard work will pay off when kindness comes back around to you and the people you love. It is a daily challenge and some days are harder than others but I cordially invite you to put kindness ahead of everything else this week and look for the ways kindness comes back to you.

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